– sports clothing made of flexible material (short, or long trousers)


– grappling Mitts
– leggings
– mouthguard
– genital protectors
– breast protectors (for women)


– rope

If you have additional protective equipment, of course you can take them. In agreement with the instructor may be used. The above pads are among grappling gloves only recommended, because of the efficient outcome and training course for health reasons.


Fitness training unit:


By focusing conditioning units recommend tinkering. During these units, mostly no foreign guilty to damaging your clothes. Clothes should therefore be made of flexible material, convenient to average properties such as absorbency, thermo-izolace aj.. If your health permits, exercises are performed without shoes. We recommend long pants.


– rope


Real Self Defense (men / women)


Sports clothing, shoes for the gym – (ideal is your preferred style of clothing)

– protectors are of course recommended: see. Section M. M..


Schedule training sessions, see our EVENT calendar on the main page.


If you do not NECESSARY PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT AND REALLY WANT TO EXERCISE, feel free to contact me and we will arrange interesting discounts in our friendly stores. (Sporting Goods, suplementy aj.)

Caution, during exercise may damage your material. The instructor for this assumes no responsibility, and therefore no question of damages. Thank you for your understanding.

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