Services in the field of sports nutrition

Performance sport increases the demand for regular and adequate intake of nutrients. Quantitative requirement for certain components diets usually diametrically different from the requirements of the normal population no sport. One of the most difficult tasks of sports nutrition assessment limit and deficient dietary components and, to their effect manifested by reducing physical performance. Optimizing nutrition and supplementation strategies for athletes requires sophisticated techniques and especially long-term experience.

The main focus:

• sports nutrition diagnosis (using objective methods and alternative approaches)

• nutrition and supplementation strategies for achieving various sporting goals

• creation of nutritionally-support programs for the development of conditional readiness

• seeking the causes of stagnation in performance nutrition (a) in conjunction with the development of conditional preparedness

If you are interested in, we will allow personal consultation. The first consultation within a period of 30 my. is of course free. Pricing for individual tasks to learn personally for consultation. Thank you for your understanding.

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