The main task of combat training, the general and special physical activity focusing on the specific issue of the fight. The aim of the training units is the creation of a coherent system and its real use in practice. The basic structure of the specifications are:

• Fight in attitude
• Fight on Earth

These are of course various subsections:

• Strikes, Kicks, bedspreads, Defeat, subject, Levers and combinations thereof


The actual preparation is made the chief instructor with years of experience, both practical, of course theoretical. Trainings are led by Chief Instructor, instructors or club. Each instructor has at least the following experience: basic quota of knowledge in the fields of education, anatomy, Biomechanics, biochemistry, fitness development and not least the minimum experience 5 years in the martial arts / sports.

To build a personal training plan with specific requirements for individual pitfalls exercisers need personal consultation. (Preparing for the race, personal development, etc.)

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