Fitness training are focused on developing adaptive changes in the organism, namely the development of motor, speed and power abilities. In training instructors used primarily by weight exercisers, But, of course, means to increase the effectiveness of individual exercises. In fitness training sessions offered by us is a process divided by the objective to:

• General fitness training
• Special fitness training

A related performance:

• Intensive fitness training
• Ongoing fitness training
• Reconditioning exercises

For each conditional units will thus be the specialty. (see. perseverance, power, effervescency, weight loss, development of motor skills, etc.)

To create a plan personal fitness training with specific requirements for individual pitfalls exercisers need personal consultation.

More about fitness training here:

Information links for details of individual components of fitness training, including the problematic parts of the body preparing. Thank you for your understanding.

Preview the content:

– training unit for increasing endurance
– training unit for increasing physical strength
– training unit to increase explosive power
– training unit for weight reduction
– training units for specific body parts men / women
………..(stomach, buttocks, thighs, calf, etc.)………..
– training unit for increasing flexibility
– and other.

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