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RECRUITMENT OF NEW MEMBERS – SEPTEMBER 2021 – takes place throughout the year

PF 2018


 The main task of training units, the general and special physical activity focusing on the specific issue of the fight. The basic experience of the leading instructors of the course include (inter alia) knowledge of pedagogical minimum, anatomy, Biomechanics, biochemistry, fitness development and not least the minimum experience 5 years in the martial arts / sports.

We know, why we train.

Training times:

 Tuesday and Thursday 17: 30 do 18:30 h.

 According to current government regulations, we will see, we are not training yet.

PS: The club is not only for future athletes, but for all, who want to be able to defend. In each training session provides information on the degree of exercise levels (Beginners, advancedí.) In addition, of course, there is the possibility of individual training, physical preparation for the development of motor skills, flexibility, weight loss, nutritional counseling + complete preparation of training plans, menus, etc..  Possibility to use our space is also in agreement possible.


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